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    Stress is a set of physiological and psychological reactions of the body to a certain stimulus – the so-called stress factor. Depending on the duration of exposure, short-term and chronic stress are distinguished. These two conditions have different effects on human health, so it is worth understanding their essence in more detail.

    A person is exposed to short-term (acute) stress for a limited period of time. The reason for it may be criticism from the boss at the meeting, a sudden conflict on the street, a sports competition. It is quite possible to benefit from this state, because during acute stress the amount of energy temporarily increases, physical strength and concentration increase, a person becomes gambling and active. This mobilization allows you to better cope with an extreme situation. Of course, the state of acute stress does not always have a positive effect and has a stimulating effect: for example, a person may fall into a stupor or start to panic. However, when the threat passes, the body quickly restores its physiological parameters to normal values ​​after a short-term stress.

    Unfortunately, long-term and regular exposure to stress factors is much worse for a person. So, when working in a complex team with a “toxic” boss, living in a disadvantaged area with a high crime rate or a constant threat of conflict with a loved one, stress becomes chronic – the body is in constant tension, its cardiovascular, nervous and other systems experience increased load.

    A prolonged state of stress can lead to a breakdown in adaptive mechanisms and the development of chronic pathologies – hypertension, coronary heart disease, immunodeficiency, as well as depression and other health problems.

    It is necessary to distinguish stress from nervous tension. Nervous tension is also a very unpleasant condition, but still refers to mental unrest, while stress is not complete without significant physiological changes and hormonal surges.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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