Ever wonder what’s in a college football coach’s contract? Here are some of the more interesting clauses in IU football coach Tom Allen’s contract. This contract was obtained by IndianaHQ through a public information request.

1. Allen’s contract is full of performance incentives, including bonuses for winning six or more games, a Big Ten championship appearance, and for the team’s academic achievements.

A base salary of $500,000 is just the beginning of Allen’s potential annual earnings. With IU’s desire to build a consistently competitive football program, the University loaded the contract with bonuses that are directly tied to success on and off the field.

To start, Allen receives a $100,000 bonus for winning six games and an additional $100,000 for each subsequent victory (which tabulates up to $900,000 if the team wins 14 games).

Total Season WinsBonus
Six wins$100,000
Seven wins$200,000
Eight wins$300,000
Nine wins$400,000
Ten wins$500,000
Eleven wins$600,000
Twelve wins$700,000
Thirteen wins$800,000
Fourteen wins$900,000

If Indiana makes a Big Ten championship game, Allen will receive a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary. If the team wins a Big Ten championship game, he will receive an additional bonus of one month’s salary. He will also receive a $125,000 bonus if the Hoosiers make it to the College Football Playoff and $250,000 if they reach the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Allen can also secure an additional one month’s salary bonus for being named either the Big Ten Conference Dave McClain Coach of the Year or the Big Ten Conference Hayes-Schembechler Coach of the Year award. Moreover, he can also receive another additional one month’s salary bonus for winning any of the 10 National Coach of the Year awards given by various publications and associations.

The contract also contains a potential $125,000 bonus if IU’s multi-year Academic Progress Rate (APR) is greater than or equal to 950 by June 30 of each year. The NCAA requires a four-year average of a 930 APR to compete in championships, so this bonus serves a dual purpose of promoting academic success and ensuring championship compliance. In the most recent APR report released (covering the 2017-2018 season), IU football received a one year score of 967 and a multi-year score of 972.

2. The contract allows for Allen to hold a privately-owned youth football camp at the Indiana facilities for three weeks each summer, as long as he covers any incidental expenses.

This clause allows Allen to utilize Hoosier facilities, but this does not come without cost. Allen is responsible for paying a discounted facility license fee and covering any other “reasonable and necessary expenses” that might be associated with the camp, including custodial and moving expenses. Furthermore, if any other University non-athletic departments are involved (such as room and board), Allen must adhere to the “applicable rates” set by those departments.

Still we have seen coaches across the country use this opportunity as a recruiting tool by building relationships with key high school programs and players. Archie Miller has a similar camp for basketball across the street.

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3. Indiana pays Allen $1,295,000 per year for marketing and promotional income.

This supplemental income is slightly lower than basketball coach Archie Miller’s contract clause total which pays out between $1.65 and $1.95 million per year. The contract states this income is directly related to his “duties as head football coach” and that Allen should use his best efforts to promote the football program.

This income derives from several promotional duties, including:

(i) public appearances, media interviews, and making himself available for newspaper articles,

(ii) TV/radio programs and interviews (incorporating pregame, postgame, off-season, and coaches shows),

(iii) and any personal appearances and/or endorsements for products or equipment supplies that are part of other University contracts (this also includes apparel and footwear).

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