Indiana Basketball Scholarships (2023-2027)

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Indiana Basketball Scholarships (2022-2026)
#2023 – 20242024 – 20252025 – 20262026 – 2027
1[1] Xavier Johnson[1] Trey Galloway[1] Kaleb Banks[1] Gabe Cupps
2[1] Anthony Walker[1] Anthony Leal[1] CJ Gunn[1] Mackenzie Mgbako
3[2] Trey Galloway[1] Payton Sparks[1] Malik Reneau[1] Jakai Newton
4[2] Anthony Leal[2] Kaleb Banks[1] Kel’el Ware(Open)
5[2] Payton Sparks[2] CJ Gunn[2] Gabe Cupps(Open)
6[3] Kaleb Banks[2] Malik Reneau[2] Mackenzie Mgbako(Open)
7[3] CJ Gunn[2] Kel’el Ware[2] Jakai Newton(Open)
8[3] Malik Reneau[3] Gabe Cupps(Open)(Open)
9[3] Kel’el Ware[3] Mackenzie Mgbako(Open)(Open)
10[4] Gabe Cupps[3] Jakai Newton(Open)(Open)
11[4] Mackenzie Mgbako(Open)(Open)(Open)
12[4] Jakai Newton(Open)(Open)(Open)

* Players received an additional year of eligibility due to 2020-2021’s abbreviated season due to COVID-19.

[ Denotes remaining years of eligibility for each player ]

Players in the transfer portal will not be listed unless they elect to return. Technically, they will still be a part of the Indiana Basketball roster during this time.

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