Indiana Basketball Scholarships (2020-2024)

Source: IndianaHQ

Indiana Basketball Scholarships (2019-2023)
# 2020 – 2021 2021 – 2022 2022 – 2023 2023 – 2024
1 RS-SR Joey Brunk RS-SR Race Thompson RS-SR Jerome Hunter SR Trey Galloway
2 SR Al Durham SR Rob Phinisee SR Armaan Franklin SR Jordan Geronimo
3 RS-JR Race Thompson RS-JR Jerome Hunter SR Trayce Jackson-Davis SR Khristian Lander
4 JR Rob Phinisee JR Armaan Franklin JR Trey Galloway SR Anthony Leal
5 RS-SO Jerome Hunter JR Trayce Jackson-Davis JR Jordan Geronimo JR Logan Duncomb
6 SO Armaan Franklin SO Trey Galloway JR Khristian Lander (Open)
7 SO Trayce Jackson-Davis SO Jordan Geronimo JR Anthony Leal (Open)
8 FR Trey Galloway SO Khristian Lander SO Logan Duncomb (Open)
9 FR Jordan Geronimo SO Anthony Leal (Open) (Open)
10 FR Khristian Lander FR Logan Duncomb (Open) (Open)
11 FR Anthony Leal (Open) (Open) (Open)
12 (Open) (Open) (Open) (Open)
13 (Open) (Open) (Open) (Open)

RS: Denotes red shirt player. Red shirts have additional years of eligibility to due sitting out for a season due to basketball or medical reasons.

* Player has declared for the NBA draft. A player will not be removed from this list until they have officially graduated or left the program.