Indiana Basketball Scholarships (2019-2023)

Source: IndianaHQ

Indiana Basketball Scholarships (2019-2023)
# 2019 – 2020 2020 – 2021 2021 – 2022 2022 – 2023
1 SR De’Ron Davis RS-SR Joey Brunk RS-SR Race Thompson RS-SR Jerome Hunter
2 SR* Devonte Green SR Al Durham SR Damezi Anderson SR Armaan Franklin
3 RS-JR Joey Brunk SR Justin Smith SR Rob Phinisee SR Trayce Jackson-Davis
4 JR Al Durham RS-JR Race Thompson RS-JR Jerome Hunter JR Trey Galloway
5 JR Justin Smith JR Damezi Anderson JR Armaan Franklin JR Jordan Geronimo
6 RS-SO Race Thompson JR Rob Phinisee JR Trayce Jackson-Davis JR Anthony Leal
7 SO Damezi Anderson RS-SO Jerome Hunter SO Trey Galloway SO Khristian Lander
8 SO Rob Phinisee SO Armaan Franklin SO Jordan Geronimo (Open)
9 RS-FR Jerome Hunter SO Trayce Jackson-Davis SO Anthony Leal (Open)
10 FR Armaan Franklin FR Trey Galloway FR Khristian Lander (Open)
11 FR Trayce Jackson-Davis FR Jordan Geronimo (Open) (Open)
12 (Open) FR Anthony Leal (Open) (Open)
13 (Open) (Open) (Open) (Open)

RS: Denotes red shirt player. Red shirts have additional years of eligibility to due sitting out for a season due to basketball or medical reasons.

* Player has declared for the NBA draft. A player will not be removed from this list until they have officially graduated or left the program.