Just a few hours ago, the Archie Miller era ended per a release from the university and this afternoon, Indiana’s athletic director Scott Dolson provided an update to the press and gave an opportunity to ask questions regarding the events that led to this decision and the future direction of the Indiana basketball program.

Per Dolson, he met with Archie this morning and felt it was best to part ways just this morning. Not much information was disclosed about how this meeting went and if this decision has been something that was sudden or percolating throughout the season. However, Dolson stated how challenging today was for everyone because he enjoyed working with Archie immensely, but ultimately, he had to release Archie as that was what was best for the program. Miller’s results were the big reason why Indiana recruited Archie, and were the reason why Indiana let go of Archie today.

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Afterwards, Dolson met with the current players and wanted them to hear from him directly about the news. Several of the players have already released statements regarding the news including Leal and Galloway. Durham also announced he is entering the grad transfer portal today, but it is unknown if this is a change due to the news or premeditated. Dolson also met with future 2021 4-star recruit Logan Duncomb and his father this morning as well to keep them in the loop on the process.

This decision has been at least present for several days, but the gears were not fully in motion until today. Per Dolson, he recommended Archie’s release this weekend to President McRobbie. He wanted to make sure that no financial consequences occurred as a result of this decision though. McRobbie granted permission to Dolson to pursue funding and ultimately, an anonymous pair of donors were able to raise the funds for the buyout of Miller and pay for the next coach. Dolson emphasized that this was not a donor influenced or “anti-Archie” decision. Additionally, Dolson did not consult donors about the decision in advance of the decision to fire Miller as he did not want there to be a conflict of interest in his decision making on Miller.

Next steps for the program

An immediate search will begin to find a replacement and Dolson will not be heard from until the process is complete. No timeline is given though about the process. What Dolson emphasized is he wants to have a coach that emulates the fundamental qualities of Indiana basketball. The next coach needs to have “a vision for the future” and to develop great student-athletes and to build on our incredible, historic foundation. The next coach needs a strong emphasis on recruitment throughout the country and for Indiana to be a desirable place to go to for the best athletes.

It is important that Indiana hires someone that is on the cutting edge of basketball with an attractive style of play that players want to play in and get wins. Also, a style that prepares them for the NBA. Dolson stated that he does not want to micromanage the program and push his influence on the way it is coached.

Despite these expectations in the next hire, Dolson emphasized there is no search committee and he does not have anyone in mind at this point for the next coach. He did not say if he needs an “Indiana guy” and the next head coach does not need to have been a head coach in the past.

Dolson stated that academic advisor Lorian Price be leading a transition team. Assistants Mike Roberts and Kenya Hunter and strength coach Clif Marshall were included. Notably, Tom Ostrom was not mentioned to be part of this group, but no other news on him was disclosed.

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