BLOOMINGTON, Ind — Legendary head coach Bob Knight made an unexpected visit to the Bluebird in an Indiana basketball “homecoming” event hosted by Eric Pankowski and Ward Roberts of the podcast “Hoosier Hysterics.” The event, which required free tickets for entry, was “sold out” and hosted an impressive line up of former players from the Indiana basketball program.

Upon arrival of the former IU coach, he was greeted with cheers and chants of “Bobby!”

Not only did Bob Knight show up, he made numerous positive comments about the basketball program and its fans. He appeared happy and grateful to have coached the Hoosiers in the past and was as unfiltered as ever when given the opportunity to take over the microphone.

When asked if he had anything to say to his fans in the audience, coach Knight responded, “This was a great place to coach and it was an opportunity to coach a lot of great kids. And more important than that, we just about beat everybody’s ass.”

Knight opened up more than his most recent public appearance this afternoon. He showed his appreciation for the fans and the players at Indiana University.

“With this opportunity I had to coach here at Indiana, I could have never asked anything better than the fans here at Indiana. I love to coach here, I love the players, and it’s just nice coming back here to Indiana.”

“Like I’ve always said, there was never anything as good as Indiana fans… I’ll tell you something that really pleased me was how hard our kids worked and not just how good they were, but how hard they worked… They deserve an enormous amount of credit.”

This marks a rare, public appearance for the legendary Hoosier coach especially at an event targeted towards the Indiana basketball program. He has made an appearance last spring at an Indiana baseball game against Penn State and has bought property in the Bloomington area.

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You can see the full guest appearance of Bob Knight in the video below from Special thanks to Peegs for helping support the event and the Hoosier Hysterics podcast.

Featured Photo: Jay Badell

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