You would be wrong to assume that the Indiana Hoosier men’s basketball team is not focused on their two exhibition games this weekend against BC Mega in the Bahamas. You would also be wrong to assume they are not taking this time to have fun and build their team chemistry.

Freshman Tamar Bates explained that this trip is helping not only IU’s chemistry on the court, but off as well.

“I think we are at a pretty good place right now,” said Bates. “This trip has definitely helped. This is really big time, the fact that we can be out of the country together playing basketball and having some fun.”

Xavier Johnson, a transfer from the University of Pittsburgh, had similar things to say about the team’s chemistry.

“We are bonding together every day,” said Johnson. “Talking to each other and always helping each other out. Making sure everybody is doing their job of getting in the gym and getting shots up.”

So yes, the team is doing their job of having fun. Thus far, they have had the opportunity to soak in the sun, swim with dolphins, and enjoy the different water parks while in Atlantis.

There will be more team activities to enjoy as the trip continues but it is important for the main goal to remain the same.

Transfer Miller Kopp explained that while it is important to have fun, the team must remember what this trip is all about.

“We are all learning how to, you know have fun, but obviously this is a business trip,” said Kopp. “We came here to play and win two games. Finding a balance between those two things is definitely important.”

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