It may have been Nebraska, but your Hoosiers have their first road win of the season, controlling the Cornhuskers from start to finish to sweep the season series. Which combinations stood out in IU’s seven-point win?



  1. IU’s starting lineup of Xavier Johnson, Parker Stewart, Miller Kopp, Race Thompson, and Trayce Jackson-Davis led the way at Nebraska, going +8 in the 12:28 they played together. Since the Hoosiers won by seven, this means all other lineups for Indiana went -1 on the evening.
  2. The starting five is now +23 in five road games for IU this season. If anything, Mike Woodson may want to find more opportunities to play them together.
  3. IU’s best lineup on a per-minute basis was Thompson and Jackson-Davis on the court with Rob Phinisee, Tamar Bates, and Trey Galloway. This has been a reliable lineup for Woodson this season, as they are +16 in 13:32.
  4. Bates sat for the first 8:05, played for the next 11:55, then sat for the final 20 minutes, aka the whole second half. It was a strange deployment, but the 11:55 is the most Bates has played in a game since IU defeated Northern Kentucky.
  5. IU’s offense was at its best, and defense at its worst, with Bates on the floor. Focusing on the positive, IU scored 28 points in his 11:55, or 2.35 points per minute (PPM). In the 28:05 he sat, IU scored 50 points, or 1.78 PPM.
  6. One lineup that struggled tonight was the group of Phinisee, Bates, Galloway, Geronimo, and Thompson. Geronimo and Thompson had only played together for 58 seconds this season before tonight, when they were pressed into action with Jackson-Davis’ foul trouble. This unit went -4, mustering up just two points in a crucial 3:26 shift late in the second half.
  7. You’ll notice that Jackson-Davis appears in every lineup on the infographic. Not only did he have an outstanding 23-point, 12-rebound performance, but he also led IU at +13 in the win at Nebraska. No other Hoosier had a +/- above +9.
  8. One Hoosier played every second of the second half in Lincoln: Parker Stewart.
  9. Interestingly, IU’s defense was at its best with Stewart in the game. In his 26:52, IU allowed 43 points, or 1.6 points per minute (PPM). In the 13:08 he sat, IU allowed 28 points, or 2.13 PPM.

Featured Photo: IU Athletics

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