After an important win against Iowa, the road troubles for the Hoosiers surfaced once again as the team took on the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor. Despite playing relatively well offensively (Indiana shot over 1.000 points per possession), the Wolverines completely sliced through Indiana’s defense. In fact, the Hoosiers gave up over 1.4 points per possession to finish the game.

Here are the top lineups for Indiana against Michigan on February 16, 2020.

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Notes from the Lineup Report

  • For the first time this season, Archie Miller did not try a new combination of five players that he hadn’t tried previously, even in a game where the Hoosiers trailed by double digits for almost the entirety of the second half.
  • All three of Indiana’s best lineups played during garbage time late in the 2nd half. One group that held their own in the first half, when the game was close, was the group of Green, Durham, Smith, Thompson, and De’Ron Davis. That unit of players who have been at Indiana during all three years of Miller’s tenure have played together for just 3:02 out of 1,005 possible minutes this year. That lineup is +3 on the season.
  • Speaking of De’Ron Davis, his presence on the floor, as well as his 5-for-5 shooting, helped Indiana trim their deficit to seven points at halftime. By the time Davis re-entered the game in the 2nd half, Indiana trailed by 16.
  • As well as he played on Sunday, Al Durham remains the only Indiana player with a negative +/- in every road game this season.

Featured Photo: IndianaHQ

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