BLOOMINGTON, IN — Well guys and gals, I was asked to write a game recap but if you are reading this you probably already know what happened. Our Hoosiers laid an egg, an ostrich sized one. This was the worst IU game that I can remember and I have witnessed some atrocious games (like Indiana State and IPFW). The team looked lifeless, as if Zeus himself had said, “you know what, let me zap the energy of IU basketball for this game”.

It was so bad that I have to think that a deity…A DEITY…cursed us. IU only scored 46 points which is the lowest scoring game since the 2010 season when we basically were playing with walk-ons during the early Crean years.

This team is much more talented than that 2010 team and Michigan did not even play well! They shot 43% from the field and still won this game. That 43% can’t be one hundred percent representative of how bad they played either, as they were able to score at will in the final 5 minutes when IU stopped “trying” or whatever that means.

So, what’s wrong with this team, because this isn’t the same team we saw beat Marquette and Louisville. For one, there’s zero, and I mean ZERO, confidence in each other right now. Everyone is second guessing every pass and every dribble and it reared it’s ugly head tonight, especially during that dreary 17-2 run by Michigan to start the game. IU had careless turnover after careless turnover, whether it was a miscommunication on an easy 8 foot pass or it was forcing a drive that ended up in an offensive foul, IU couldn’t do anything right.

On top of that, the refs were especially atrocious tonight, but they weren’t the reason for the 17-2 start (though undoubtedly they helped). The shooting has disappeared. This IU team at one point was second in the country in effective field goal percentage and now they have dropped off significantly.

This coupled with the bad free throw shooting and the awful three point shooting and you have one of the worst offenses I have ever seen, and definitely one of the worst offenses that IU has had in a while.

This team is fundamentally broken and Archie is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his butt to fix it. Yes, there is a reason I didn’t mention any players or their statistics and that is because they didn’t deserve it after tonight. That was a pathetic, listless display of basketball and Archie you better be glad I mentioned you because to be honest I thought about leaving you out too.

Absolutely pathetic and disturbing that a team with a McDonald’s All American and a Senior star could be this apathetic. The ship needs righting and fast.

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Box Score

(Source: Indiana Athletics)

Indiana vs Michigan
Indiana vs Michigan

Next Up

The Hoosiers match up with a Rutgers team and at this point in the season should take no body lightly. Indiana desperately needs to win a game with increasing negative sentiment from the fan base and basement-level confidence from the team. The team goes back on the road for the Wednesday evening game that tips at 7:00 pm on BTN.

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