COLLEGE PARK, Md. — On a chilly championship Sunday in November, the Hoosiers defeat the third-seeded Michigan Wolverines to become the 2019 Big Ten Conference tournament champions. After a grueling 90 minutes and two overtime periods without either team finding the back of the net, the Hoosiers took the game off of a Josh Penn penalty kick to seal the deal 4-3.

For the second consecutive year, the Hoosiers and the Wolverines met in the Big Ten Championship. After the Hoosiers lost 11 players from last year, 8 of them currently playing at the next level, Indiana looked to get their 14th Big Ten Tournament Champion win in College Park, Maryland in their 19th overall appearance. The Hoosiers won last year’s matchup, 3-0. 10th time overall champions and tournament champions in same season. Indiana wins back-to-back Big Ten Tournaments for the first time since 1999.

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There were not many fans to attend the event, but the level of play did not disappoint on Sunday. A.J. Palazzolo was the first to get injured early, but was able to come back into the game after getting shaken up. After the Wolverines seemed to take the advantage as the game started, the Hoosiers quickly put the pressure back on Michigan. Indiana freshman, Victor Bezerra, had the first good look for both teams but could not connect.

After Michigan closed the first half with a few runs of their own, the Hoosier defense was able to close out the first half to remain tied 0-0.

Michigan opened up strong to start the 2nd half. Michigan’s Derick Broche had a man to his left and just the Indiana goalie to beat, but lifts it up too high and missed the biggest chance any team had up until that point. Michigan kept up the pressure as the 2nd half went on, making Hoosier fans sweat as Indiana goalkeeper, Roman Celetano, had to make a few saves with constant pressure from Michigan.

The pressure continued to build for Michigan as the 2nd half closed. Indiana could not find any offensive attack, as they did not produce a shot in the 2nd half.

The story would continued in both overtime periods as neither team found the footing to have any significant shots on goal. For Michigan, a free kick to end the first overtime period came away fruitless. For Indiana, they missed a golden opportunity to end the second overtime with a ball dropped right in front of the Michigan keeper. Unfortunately for Indiana, no Hoosier was able to cleanly get a kick out of that scenario.

With the game on the line, both the Hoosiers and Wolverines looked to win the championship off of their penalty kicking. Freshman goalkeeper Celetano’s successful second stop would mean that the Hoosiers would be the final victors in College Park. Indiana won via shootout 4-3. Freshman Josh Penn had the final penalty goal to win the title.

2019 NCAA Tournament Selection Show

The Hoosiers will find out their fate for the 2019 NCAA Soccer tournament on Monday, November 18th. The show will be broadcasted on start at 1 pm ET. Indiana is one of the 21 automatic qualifiers since they won their conference; however, they will be most interested in their regional opponents on their quest for their ninth national championship.

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Featured Photo: IndianaHQ

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