Unable to muster offense, the Hoosiers fell to the Longhorns in a debilitating performance where Indiana could not even score 0.7 points per possession for the entire game. In the lowest point total of the Archie Miller performance, the Hoosiers continued to rely on their starting five of Robert Phinisee, Armaan Franklin, Al Durham, Race Thompson, and Trayce Jackson-Davis.

  1. After a game like that, it’s hard to find positives, but freshman PG Khristian Lander appeared in each of Indiana’s three best raw +/- lineups, while not showing up in any of Indiana’s three worst. He and Anthony Leal showed some chemistry at the end of the game; perhaps that’s a combination that Archie Miller tries more in the weeks to come.
  2. Many IU fans were upset by Trayce Jackson-Davis shooting 5-for-12 on Tuesday, but more concerning may be how IU’s defense fell off a cliff when he was on the court, especially in a low-scoring affair. In his 27:34, IU gave up 51 points, or 1.85 points per minute (PPM). In the other 12:26, IU gave up just 15 points (1.21 PPM).
  3. With Phinisee in first half foul trouble, Miller heavily relied on Armaan Franklin and Al Durham. Unfortunately, Texas created plenty of breathing room when those two were on the court. Franklin and Durham played the final 8:33 of the first half; Texas’ lead went from three points (14-11) to 12 (31-19) in that time frame.

Photo: Brian Spurlocki

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