The Hoosiers took another tough loss in the Big Ten as they were taken down in the second half by the Michigan State Spartans. With just four regular seasons game on the schedule remaining, Indiana needs to find a rhythm in the final stretch. It seems the Hoosiers are mostly having a hard time having both the frontcourt and backcourt click at the same time. Here were the best Indiana lineups from Saturday afternoon.


  1. Indiana’s starting lineup once again led the way as the best lineup for the Hoosiers, as far as raw +/- is concerned. Phinisee, Franklin, Durham, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis helped the Hoosiers jump out to a 12-4 lead at the start, and also outscored MSU 13-9 in the first five minutes of the second half.
  2. The starters did not close the game for IU, as Franklin dealt with some foul trouble. Archie Miller used four different lineups in the final 5:54, none of which were the starting five.
  3. Freshman Trey Galloway had a difficult day for IU. He didn’t score in nine minutes and finished a team-worst -10. He appeared in IU’s two worst lineups on the day, each of which played over 2:30.
  4. Speaking of which, the worst grouping of the game was Phinisee, Durham, Galloway, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis. They went -6 in a critical 2:35 stretch in the second half when Michigan St. took the lead, which they would never relinquish. This unit has struggled all season, going -20 in 51:25 in Big Ten play.
  5. IU gave up an stunning 52 points in the second half, but the Hoosier defense actually played its best with Khristian Lander on the court. IU gave up 16 points in his 9:27, or 1.69 points per minute (PPM). In the 30:33 he was on the bench, IU gave up 62 points, or 2.03 PPM.

Featured Photo: Indiana University Athletics

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