The 2020-2021 season is finally under way, loaded with brand new faces on the roster. With the loss of the seniors and Justin Smith, Archie Miller and the rest of the Indiana basketball coaching staff found new lineups to showcase in the season opener. Joey Brunk sat out due to a sore back, so Indiana only used a total of 16 unique lineups, which is on the lower side from what we have seen in the past.

  1. The starting lineup of Phinisee, Franklin, Durham, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis did not play together at all last season. They outscored Tenn. Tech by six points in 4:08 to start the contest.
  2. In a similar vein, the lineup that had the largest +/- and most playing time on the night didn’t play together last season either, although they were all on the roster. Phinisee, Franklin, Durham, Hunter, and TJD scored a whopping 29 points in their 9:26 on the court, a stunning 3.07 points per minute (PPM). Anything above 2 PPM is usually really good.
  3. While the freshmen opened eyes with their play yesterday, Khristian Lander and Trey Galloway’s numbers tell a slightly different story. IU scored just 1.6 PPM in Lander’s 15:35 on the court, the lowest of all Hoosiers to play yesterday. On the other hand, IU gave up 1.81 PPM with Galloway on the floor, the highest of all Hoosiers.

Photo: Indiana University Athletics

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