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With the conclusion of the women’s and men’s outdoor track and field Big Ten championships, the Hoosiers were declared winners of the 2019 Governor’s Cup. In their annual match-up against rival Purdue, the Hoosiers won the all-sport award with a final score of 10.5 to Purdue’s 9.5. This year’s victory represents Indiana’s 9th win in this series that originated back in 2001 as the Titan Series.

Over the weekend, the Hoosiers took home two runner-up finishes in the Big Ten outdoor track and field championships, hosted in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Boilermakers trailed right behind the Hoosiers in the men’s competition with a third place finish. In the women’s event, Purdue finished in ninth place.

Full Results of the 2019 Governor’s Cup (Indiana versus Purdue)

As in past years, the race between the two teams came to a very close ending with the final event determining the overall winner. Across the 20 shared sports, Indiana eked out a one-point victory against Purdue with a total score of 10.5. The following is a breakdown of all games that counted towards the 2019 Governor’s Cup scoring.

For a full detailed breakdown of the current “state of Indiana,” check out our episode on The Hoosier Sound where we discuss how the two rival schools compare across all aspects of their respective athletics programs.

About the Governor’s Cup

Originally called the Titan Series, a competition to hash out the rivalry between Indiana and Purdue was formalized in 2001. The goal was to create a way to track the performance of each school across all sports that the two colleges both competed in. There are a total of 20 shared sports between the two universities.

It was later renamed to the Crimson & Gold Cup in 2004 until it received its current name: the Governor’s Cup.

With this year being the event’s 18th season, Indiana’s victory in 2019 means that the Hoosiers have won the event for 9 years, Purdue has won 7 years, and for two years the teams finished with a tie.

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