No. 13 Indiana pummeled Bethune-Cookman on Thursday night, displaying their incredible depth, accurate shooting, and sharp ball movement. The opponents will get tougher, but Indiana still has played very well this season, covering the spread by double digits in both contests. You can catch our recap of IU’s rout over BCU here.

Which player combinations made the biggest impact for Indiana? How did Mike Woodson mix and match guys in the rotation in the second game of the year?


  1. IU had two lineups that each went +17 on the night. Let’s start with the one that was more effective on a per-minute basis. Once again, the combination of Jalen Hood-Schifino, Tamar Bates, Trey Galloway, Jordan Geronimo, and Malik Reneau dominated. They outscored BCU 19-2 in the 6:55 they played together. This group has destroyed opponents 35-4 in 11:48 through two games.
  2. IU’s starting lineup of Xavier Johnson, JHS, Miller Kopp, Race Thompson, and Trayce Jackson-Davis had a nice showing. Their initial shift wasn’t inspiring, as IU led BCU 12-10 when the first substitution was made. However, in an 8:11 stretch wrapped around halftime, IU crushed BCU 29-10 with the starters on the floor. They turned a 39-19 lead into 66-33.
  3. IU’s best player by raw +/- was Hood-Schifino (+34). JHS is +62 across both games, the top mark on the team. He’s also led IU in playing time in each game, totaling 54:56.
  4. Every lineup that Woodson finished in positive territory. This is difficult to do, even in a “buy game.”
  5. Thompson has played 36:00 this season. Only 55 seconds of that playing time has come with Jackson-Davis off the court.
  6. IU’s offense was most effective with Kaleb Banks and Logan Duncomb on the court. Indiana scored 18 points in the 5:59 both players saw action, a scoring rate of a whopping 3.01 points per minute (PPM).
  7. Indiana’s defense was at its finest vs. BCU with Geronimo on the floor. The Hoosiers gave up just seven points in the 12:00 of playing time Geronimo received, a rate of 0.58 PPM. For the 28:00 Geronimo was off the court, IU gave up 42 points in 28 minutes, or 1.50 PPM.
  8. Woodson used 10 unique player combinations over the course of the game, compared to 13 in the Morehead St. contest.

Featured Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski / USA TODAY

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