Kent Spencer from WHAS11 had an opportunity to sit down with Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari, and of course the age-old question “Will the Indiana and Kentucky series be back?” was again brought up.

“This broke down because we gave them an opportunity to play us two years in Indianapolis. We’ll play you two years in Indianapolis.” John Calipari said to Spencer.

“I knew our governor would be mad. Why would you play there and not play here in our state. But I agree to do that with them, and they said ‘no,’ which gave me the ability to walk away and say ‘there’s nothing that would make you happy if you’re not willing to do that.'”

Unfortunately for both Indiana fans, Kentucky fans, and the college basketball world as a whole that want this series to be revived, Calipari’s response to the question is truly as clear as it can be.

“Our schedule is there out ahead of us, so it’s something we’re not discussing right now.”

See the full interview here.


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