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The top five dive series goes in-depth on key items to watch out for in upcoming Hoosier events.

BLOOMINGTON, IN — Today’s special feature focuses on Archie Miller’s second Hoosier Hysteria.

With an earlier start time than previous years, the program is clearly expecting a sizable crowd. Line gates have been set up in nearly every entrance for Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

5. Event Production

For those fans that are able to brace the gorgeous Bloomington weather and arrive early, the fruits of their labor will be rewarded.

Fans will be happy to know that more resources are being invested into this event relative to previous Hoosier Hysterias in recent history.

The vocal expectation across the board is for Indiana basketball to be at the top level — in anything and everything. Only time will tell, but my assumption is that the athletics department understands that sentiment through and through.

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What surprises will Hoosier Hysteria hold?

4. Summer School Lab Report

Add Clif Marshall and a full summer to the equation. The output most likely results in transformed player bodies.

Romeo Langford has already mentioned that he’s gained fifteen additional pounds of weight since he first arrived at school in back in June. He now stands tall and strong at 6’6″ / 215 pounds according to the IU Athletics website.

Among others eating surplus diets: Jake Forrester.

“It’s like a lot of breakfast,” Jake explained at IU media day regarding his eating plan from Coach Marshall. “Literally, you have to eat until you can’t eat. And then once you can’t eat you still have to eat.”

Adding weight is only helpful if it results in strength, and the team has the tools it needs to track progress. Clif has plenty of new toys and gadgets that will make sure the players are improving their performance consistently.

Be on the look out for how much the players’ compositions have changed since they arrived on campus for the summer.

3. New Faces

A top ten recruiting class will debut their Indiana careers. Besides several phenomenal highlight videos produced by the IU Athletics videographer, fans have not yet seen these players play in an Indiana uniform.

Saturday’s scrimmage opens the blinds just a little bit before the season begins.

Specifically, watch for how the players have improved since their last years in high school. Has Jerome Hunter improved his ball handling? What new moves has Romeo added to his offensive arsenal? Can Rob Phinesee run the floor and distribute as well as people have described? Will Damezi be equally as effective at the college pace? How does Jake bring energy to the team?

You also should not forget about potentially one of the most versatile adds, Evan Fitzner.

The 6’10” graduate transfer from St. Mary’s has been praised by many of his teammates and coaches. In addition to setting records for shooting, Evan has also said that he has developed some post moves, which De’Ron Davis describes as “majestic.”

2. Future Faces?

The latest manifest of recruits attending the event is incredibly impressive. One area that Archie has certainly delivered up to expectations is recruiting.

Already on campus, Trayce Jackson-Davis and Keion Brooks Jr. have spent the majority of Friday with the Indiana coaches visiting different IU facilities. Both five-star power forwards are currently on their official visits with the Indiana staff.

Notable planned attendees from the 2020 and 2021 classes: Max Christie, Khristian Lander, Anthony Leal, Caleb Furst, and many others.

If the staff walks each recruit across the floor of Assembly Hall as it did last year, the parade of recruits may take longer than Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

1. The Crowd

What impression will the fans leave on said recruits?

Chants for Romeo Langford and Darius Garland at last year’s event ultimately resulted in the latest Indiana Mr.Basketball to join the Hoosiers. It also resulted in an Indiana native electing to play for Bryce Drew and the commodores.

Having names that do not necessarily fit too well in the four-syllable, repeating chorus, will Trayce and Keion be showered in chants?

Or will enamored fans continue to fawn over their prized recruit from last year?

Prediction: Yes to both.

How to watch Hoosier Hysteria

Hoosier Hysteria will be broadcasted on BTN Plus, BTN network’s subscription based online channel. Both monthly and yearly packages are available.

  • Date: Saturday, September 29th
  • Location: Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall
  • Doors Open: 2:00 PM EST
  • Hysteria Begins: 4:00 PM EST
  • TV: BTN Plus
  • Radio: TBD

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