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“The Hoosier Sound” is here for its weekly episode with Nithin Krishnan . If you want to catch the live stream, check out our YouTube page for each episode.

**Free giveaway information at the end of this description!**

It’s a SPECIAL episode of The Hoosier Sound! Tonight, we are joined by Del Duduit and Michelle Medlock Adams, who wrote the latest and greatest IUBB book “Heart of a Hoosier: A Year of Inspiration from IU Men’s Basketball”. They talk to us about their motivation for writing book as well as their favorite stories and chapters.

We are excited to announce we’re giving away two free copies of the book! Visit the link below, enter your information in the form, and stay tuned to find out if you won!

Giveaway URL: https://bit.ly/HoosierGiveaway

(Note: the “H” and “G” in “HoosierGiveaway” need to be capitalized.)

Or search for “The Hoosier Sound” wherever you listen to podcasts.

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