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We haven’t reached February, yet the Hoosiers have matched their Big Ten win total from all of last season after a 13-point win at Maryland. Which player combination helped Indiana get its first ever win at XFINITY Center?


  1. IU’s best lineup per +/- featured Xavier Johnson, Trey Galloway, Miller Kopp, Race Thompson, and Trayce Jackson-Davis. This lineup went +9, outscoring Maryland 12-3 over 5:56. This was the first lineup Mike Woodson went to in each half after the starters had their shift.
  2. Johnson, Galloway, Kopp, Thompson, and TJD had a strong performance even in IU’s blowout loss to Michigan on Jan. 23. They have not played together in any other contest. It might help the Hoosiers if Woodson relied on this lineup more after the starting five.
  3. On a per-minute basis, it was Johnson, Parker Stewart, Kopp, Jordan Geronimo, and Jackson-Davis that were most successful. This was the five on the floor when IU created some separation at the end of the first half. After their 6-0 spurt, IU led by seven at half and never looked back.
  4. Jackson-Davis tied for the team lead at +20 (with Johnson). As you can see, Jackson-Davis was the only Hoosier to appear in IU’s three best lineups by +/-. In fact, TJD appeared in the top six, and eight of the top nine.
  5. The group that struggled the most was the combination of Khristian Lander, Tamar Bates, Galloway, Geronimo, and Thompson, who went -6. Ironically, the first four players, except with Jackson-Davis swapped with Thompson, went +5.
  6. In his first game in over two months, Lander finished -7 in 10:18. Every second Lander was on the court, Bates was on the floor as well. Prior to his absence, Lander had success playing with Michael Durr. Even though Durr hasn’t played in two games, perhaps that’s a duo Woodson can use with Rob Phinisee’s injury.
  7. Woodson used 14 unique player combinations on Saturday, which is a little more than usual. The number was a little inflated with Lander, Anthony Leal, and Logan Duncomb seeing action.
  8. Miller Kopp was easily Indiana’s best player by +/- per minute played. Kopp went +18 in 19:09, or a +/- per minute of +0.94. None of this success came during garbage time, either.
  9. How important was Kopp? IU’s offense was at its best on Saturday with Miller Kopp on the court. IU scored 40 of their 68 points during Kopp’s 19:09, an impressive 2.09 points per minute (PPM). With Kopp off the court, IU scored 28 points in 20:51, or 1.34 PPM.
  10. Meanwhile, IU’s defense was at its best with Kopp on the court too. IU allowed just 22 points in Kopp’s 19 minutes, or 1.15 PPM allowed. In his 21 minutes off the court, IU gave up 33 points or 1.58 PPM.

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