On May 27, 2019, a Tweet was sent out that would publicly conclude Romeo Langford’s career at Indiana University. Many close to Romeo Langford believed that declaring for the draft and remaining as an early entrant was an inevitable destiny for the New Albany star. That small tweet confirmed to Hoosier Nation that Romeo Langford would forego his remaining eligibility as an Indiana Hoosier and remain in the 2019 NBA draft in order to chase his dream of playing at the next level.

Now that Romeo Langford is officially a professional and no longer has to abide by the boundaries of amateurism-status imposed by the NCAA, he has wasted no time trying to earn coin.

And there is not a reason on Earth why he shouldn’t.

Romeo Langford’s Line of Shirts

First, Romeo Langford announced a line of shirts that included a graffiti-style image of the state of Indiana and a custom designed graphic of Romeo Langford on the front. His shirt was created in a partnership with The shirts are only available for a limited time and will only be available until July 3, 2019.

Options include t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, raglans, and a hoodie and the prices on the items range from $19.99 to $36.99. He has sold nearly 500 items just two days after their release.

Romeo Langford’s Salary (Rookie Contract with the Boston Celtics)

Of course, then came the big moment where Romeo Langford was selected 14th overall by the Boston Celtics. As the 14th pick, Romeo Langford was picked using the final lottery pick of the 2019 NBA draft. Romeo Langford is expected to make in the ballpark of $2.8 million his first year and $3.0 million his second year. All guaranteed.

As an update, the details of Romeo Langford’s contract are reported to be valued at $3,458,400 per year, which was on the maximum end of the rookie contract scale that the Celtics could have offered. He will be paid the same amount next year, for a total two-year contract worth around $7.0 million.

The Boston Celtics will have the option to extend Romeo Langford in his third and fourth years. If they do, Romeo’s salary will be anywhere from the $3.1 million to $4.7 million range annually for those two years.

Romeo Langford’s Endorsement Deals

What’s next for Romeo Langford? Outside of salary, the other area that Romeo Langford can truly make a substantial amount of money is by partnering with company for endorsement deals. Many of the top world athletes make more money on endorsement deals than their actual player contracts, but that road is still a ways away for incoming rookie Romeo Langford. Expect more endorsement deals to be finalized between Romeo Langford’s agency and various companies interested in his market appeal.

By the looks of his social media, Romeo Langford may already agreed to smaller deals with Panini Instant basketball cards and New Era caps. He will also have obligations to sponsors that have agreements with the Boston Celtics at the team level. Most notably, the Celtics have a jersey sponsorship with General Electric for one of the most sponsor logo placements.

AP Photo/Bill Sikes

At the end of the day, Romeo Langford is making the money that he deserves. Despite being a 19-year-old kid from New Albany, Indiana, he has a world of opportunity ahead of him and the amount that he can earn even in just his first two years can be life changing. Becoming a top rated recruit, playing at Indiana University, and now being selected as an NBA lottery pick were not opportunities that were just handed to him. He earned them, and now he’s earning based on his own likeness.

Photo: @robphinisee1 / Instagram

(Featured Photo: Romeo Langford / @yeahyeah22)

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