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BLOOMINGTON, IN — Although the Hoosiers overcame the major issue—cold shooting from the start of the game—and led Maryland by as many as eight in the first quarter, frequent turnovers negated the team’s confidence. That paired with interesting officiating resulted in the Hoosiers’ loss to the Terrapins 56 to 76.

Indiana shot 20 points (57.1% FG rate and 66.7% 3PT rate) within the first 10 minutes, but 7 turnovers put Indiana into risky territory. Although Maryland tied to Indiana in the first quarter, 20-20, the Terrapins widened the gap dramatically against Hoosiers during the second quarter. At the break, Maryland was outscoring Indiana 40-25.

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Sophomore guard Jaelynn Penn (#13) led the Hoosiers in scoring with 15 points.

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Senior forward Kym Royster (#11) grabbed a team high 9 rebounds.

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Sophomore guard Bendu Yeaney (#1) also put up double figures as she scored 10 points while grabbing 5 rebounds.

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Redshirt Junior Breanna Wise (#50) scored 9 points and snagged 5 rebounds.

Head coach Teri Moren said that reducing turnovers is the primary problem that team emphasizes, and their goal in each game is to stay under 15; however, the Hoosiers had 20 in this game — the majority of them coming from the first half.

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“One of the keys is not beating ourselves, and we beat ourselves in the first half for sure and that is disappointing,” Moren said. “Our turnovers let them get easy, wide-open points,” sophomore guard Bendu Yeaney added.

Besides the killer decisions the lady Hoosiers mistakenly made, officials’ calls did add insult to injury. Teri Moren rarely loses her temper on the court; however, this time she did. After the game, Moren expressed that the frustration came from watching her players do exactly what she instructed them to do: attack and be aggressive. But that did not give the team opportunities at the free throw line, and Maryland did not get appropriate calls either.

“Maryland has shown on film that they foul, and obviously we get no calls today,” Moren said. “I need to have a better understanding and get educated on why some calls are made or not made,” she added.

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Head coach Teri Moren furiously argued with referees about their calls.

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The team was stunned by the officiating.

As one of the Indiana players honored earlier this season, redshirt sophomore guard Ali Patberg had struggled in the last three games, and still failed to efficiently organize the team this time.

Head coach Teri Moren said they are trying to remind Patberg how she did a great job in previous big games by showing video clips to her, and she mentioned that it’s not necessary to lose confidence in such a terrific player like Patberg. “She doesn’t have to make home run play. She just has to be sound. And today’s early turnovers certainly affect her ability to help us get the pieces we need to get,” Moren said.

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