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For many, the “man cave” is an opportunity to show off their love and appreciation for sports and history. Indiana Hoosier fans are some of the most passionate in the world of college sports. They are natives of, or have spent time in, a state where basketball is nothing short of religion. As a result, the set ups are plentiful and impressive. Some examples are modern takes on the present history and are built for entertainment purposes. Others have recreated a way to take a walk down memory lane with one-of-a-kind artifacts of Hoosier history. Many are attempting to create the best game-day experience when they are not at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall or Memorial Stadium.

Despite the name, these “man caves” are for all members of Hoosier Nation – moms, dads, grandparents, children, etc. Whether they are used to remember and cherish experiences at Assembly Hall (or earlier), or just a fun place to hangout with other Hoosier fans to watch Indiana play on game day, we scoured the internet and reached out to a number of fans to showcase their Indiana Hoosiers man caves.

We will continue to update this list as new man caves are contributed and built!

Hoosier Fans: Get Featured!

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Hoosier Indoor Mini-Court

Credit: Angela Fahrnow / Pinterest

There is probably no other state in the country where the basketball court is a part of life. So, why not bring it indoors? With a fully functioning scoreboard and a half court decked out in crimson stripes, there is no better way to reenact the Wat-Shot year round.

The only thing that would make this set up better is the addition of a life-size Archie Miller cutout on the sideline criticizing your form when you’re practicing your free throws.

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The ball rack in the corner is a nice touch to an otherwise very clean and spirited space.

Brett White’s Incredible Hoosier “Galleria”

Credit: Brett White / Photos: Brett White & Alex Kumar

Thanks to Brett White who reached out to us directly. We had originally incorrectly attributed his space.

One of the unique parts of Brett’s man cave is his Indiana football artifact collection. Of course, it has been easy to be an Indiana basketball fan over the years, but football has taken a different program journey at Indiana University. That being said, Hoosier football has plenty of memorable moments and history behind it. Memorabilia found here include artifacts focused on the Hoosiers going to the Rose Bowl and our annual rivalry against Purdue. There’s even an Old Oaken Bucket to commemorate this rivalry.

The collection of artifacts has been an activity that Brett has shared with his father and grandfather, which makes this space even more special. Between remembering the games that he went to with his family members and the stories about how each got collected and added to his collection, there are hundreds of individual stories that make up this incredible memorial of Indiana athletics.

On the other side of the room, more basketball focused artifacts are seen as there is no such thing as an Indiana man cave without some basketball history. Most of the history is based on Bob Knight, and his dynasty he created, but there will be plenty of new history to be made in the near future. Will we see pictures of Archie Miller in the same way a few decades from now? We already see Hoosier hero Oladipo being commemorated inside the caves, there’s certainly a good chance that Romeo Langford could join him too soon.

Definitely the most interesting piece in the room though is the triple eagle & Bob Knight picture on the right side here. Nothing more iconic and American has ever been printed.

Bobbleheads are a great way to utilize small areas of space where more helmets and footballs would not fit. Can you name any of the bobbleheads here?

Here we see the third and fourth uniform and helmet in the same impressive collection. A full spectrum of Hoosier history is seen in this collection with jerseys present and past coupled with trophies and other memorabilia filling every inch of the room.

An underappreciated way to sport your Hoosier hysteria is by getting an IU license plate and after they expire, you got another piece of art for your man cave! More recent news articles can be seen here alongside more pictures of Bob Knight.

An up-to-date leaderboard can be used to remind visitors that being a Hoosier is the right choice. This neat idea is well done and even has an area for both conference and overall records to be written down.

Here is the bird’s eye view of the set up to the entire room showing the grandiosity of all the artifacts available in this one room. What an incredible collection when you view the entirety.

Press box tickets, old programs, tickets, stickers.. just a constant reminder to save these items for your future collection as they will be historic one day and can be used in your man cave. Bonus points for are awarded for articles that highlight the Hoosiers playing (and beating) Purdue.

One of the most interesting pieces seen here is the football on the top showing the “1972 Fightin’ Hoosiers.” A title that is not used anymore likely due to the similarities to the Illini now. How neat is that Hoosier Cream and Crimson elephant? We all need one for our living rooms.

These little artifacts show more of Indiana history that is not around anymore such as the “Fighting Hoosiers of the University of Indiana” – a double whammy nowadays. Indiana needs to go to the Rose Bowl again so we can see more of these neat examples of artifacts that were present in 1968. John Pont was the Indiana coach during the trip to the Rose Bowl in 1968.

Previous versions of the IU logo, a cream and crimson dog, and more tickets and photos are seen in this close up.

The small “O.J. Who?” button is a reminder that the Indiana 1968 Rose Bowl game was against USC and OJ Simpson. Indiana may have lost 14-3, but these small artifacts serve a very important reminder of the starpower that was in that game.

This basketball highlights the Hoosiers 1972-’73 season where they won the Mideast regional before making it to the Final Four and losing to UCLA. The only thing that holds a similar place in our hearts as beating Purdue is beating Kentucky so this will always be an important addition to the man cave.

Another Old Oaken Bucket! Purdue and the Old Oaken Bucket in all sizes is a common theme. Tickets and more buttons are seen here from games past.

A smaller, pocket-sized Oaken bucket for the Hoosier fan on the go. More small memorabilia are seen collected here in this display.

The Old Oaken Bucket is a staple to any man cave that has any football artifacts. This collection of football programs, tickets and pictures are being kept in pristine condition for generations to come. The addition of Bo McMillin, one of the biggest name in Indiana Football history, is a name that is seen commonly in any man cave and artifacts are hard to come by after he stopped coaching in 1947.

This incredible display shows not only a modern model of Memorial Stadium, but historic artifacts highlighted around the Rose Bowl and (likely) a helmet that is older than their 1968 Rose Bowl appearance.

Bill Murphy’s Wall of Indiana Photos and Mini-Helmets

Bill Murphy, the author of numerous books about Indiana University has been a season ticket holder for over 60 years. He’s deep memory and knowledge about the Hoosiers can be reflected in his tremendous collection of Hoosier collectibles.

It’s hard to pick the most interesting piece from his collection, but when asked, he always likes to refer to his collection of miniature Indiana University football helmets. Bill Murphy has a miniature replica of every single Indiana football helmet ever used!

A Taste of Assembly Hall

Credit: Tim Doerr / @HOOHOOHOOSIERS1 

Tim Doerr shares what most people think of when they hear the words “man cave.” There”s a bar, comfy viewing area with leather couches, and plenty of Hoosier gear that lets guests know that they are in Hoosier country when they come down and visit.

The Indiana bar stools and Indiana area mat reveal a lot about Tim. The difference between a dedicated fan and just an average fan is that a true fan is going to cover every square inch available with the script Indiana or the IU trident. Floor and seat surfaces are no exception.

Here’s a nice half-bathroom that is properly dressed in Indiana Hoosiers gear with the candy-striped wall paint, replica banners, and a simple wood cut-out wall art of the state of Indiana.

One of the coolest features of the bathroom has to be the sink that looks like bucket used to play the ever so popular “Sink the Biz” game at Nick’s on Kirkwood. We aren’t sure what happens in Tim’s bathroom, but the Gladiator Sink cabinet that is ultra-durable means serious business. No one will be messing around.

One of the coolest pieces in Tim’s collection is an autographed #1 jersey with a number of legends from different eras. Presumably Tim has been taking this jersey to a multitude of games across different decades to get player autographs. Beside Tom and Dick Van Arsdale, how many others can you name?

Hoosier Game Day Poster Wall

Credit: @SteveGr69867470 (Twitter)

Seeing old Indiana football game day posters really makes you appreciate the art and design style of the past. In fact, some would argue that retro/vintage style of those posters are making a comeback today in the modern era. Framing them and arranging them in a nice sectioned area of the wall creates a collection that is truly worth feeling proud about.

Mini-helmets and a print of one of the more famous recent designs: the Pubs of Bloomington. Great job @SteveGr69867470!

A Taste of Assembly Hall

Credit: Paula and Michael Bryant

An incredible history dense piece of wall art coupled with a pristine basketball court and crimson recliners…there is nothing more similar to Simon Skjodt than this set up. Little 500, Cutters, Martha the Mop Lady, Bob Knight and the list goes on. Seeing the incredible level of detail on this wall is a talking piece for a whole community of Hoosiers.

Candy-striped Game Day Home Theater

From: HoosierManCave (YouTube)

When you can’t watch the game at Assembly Hall, why not create a replica? HoosierManCave has recreated the Assembly Hall floor right in front of a large flat screen television with impressive candy striped wall paint.

As you stroll through his basement, you come across various Indiana University historical photographs, a bar area, and Hoosier billiards table, and a bathroom with an awesome quote.

This toilet has a direct line to … [Purdue]. Don’t forget to flush!

HoosierManCave’s Toilet

Hoosier Basement Brick Mini-Court

Credit: mbouchie (Pinterest)

Another Hoosier with another mini-court. The brick accents truly make otherwise boring basement a place that can be more enjoyable to hang out, work out, or let the children play!

Studio Apartment Poster Wall

Credit: @mpoe22 (Twitter)

What we like about this Hoosier man cave is that Hoosier fans can step up and decorate anything and everything! Despite working with just a studio apartment sized space, this Hoosier fan has taken every possible inch and covered it with various posters and IU memorabilia that he has collected. His favorite wall decoration is his Hoosiers movie poster.

The best part? This is the first view he sees when he wakes up using his IU plush pillow – a sign of a true Hoosier fan.

Poe lives in southern Indiana and he has been born and raised around watching Indiana basketball. Choosing what to wear is easy, because half of his closet is filled with just IU attire – from socks, shorts, shirts, and even swim trunks. If you ask him if he thinks he has enough stuff, he’ll tell you know because he’s always on the lookout for more.

A Very Hoosier Christmas

Credit: James Ault / @JAult75 (Twitter)

James sent us a combination of two of our favorite things. Christmas and the Hoosiers. Not only does he have a prominent Christmas tree right next to an Indiana themed-bar, the tree is decorated in horizontal candy stripes and numerous Indiana basketball ornaments!

As mentioned earlier, Indiana fans love to put the logo on anything and everything. The bar has a modern and stylish Indiana ice bucket, which is a first on our list. And don’t worry James, we see your IU garbage can (or possibly recycling receptacle) in the back. We agree with you: cleanliness is key.

Wall-Court Replica

Credit: Indiana University (Pinterest)

Out of all of the Branch McCracken court replicas, this set up is the most unique because it is wall-mounted. The wood art is fantastic and a great way to add depth to a mini-bar area like the one you see above. The five replica championship banners add a great touch, especially since they hang from another shelf of memorabilia.

Tile-Trident Bathroom

Credit: Andrea Bugg (Pinterest)

Another Indiana basketball bathroom. The tile work here could have gone in the direction of an un-renovated Ballentine Hall (and not necessarily in a good way), but this family has done a great job bringing the Hoosier elements to a very special area in their home.

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