Everyone expected Indiana to win their first two games this year, but after a tense ending vs. Eastern Michigan, Hoosier Nation wanted IU to look convincing against Northern Illinois. That’s exactly what happened. Which combinations made an impact against the Huskies? Take a look.

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  1. Once again, the starting lineup of Xavier Johnson, Parker Stewart, Miller Kopp, Race Thompson, and Trayce Jackson-Davis put the Hoosiers in a good position to start the game. They jumped out to a 9-7 lead before the first substitution, and outscored NIU 4-0 to start the second half.
  2. How about Michael Durr? Indiana’s backup center finished the game at +0, but there is a lot of garbage time noise in that number. In the first half, Durr played a vital 3:25 stretch in which IU outscored NIU 8-2, pushing a 10-point lead into 16.
  3. All of Durr’s 9:59 of playing time came with Trey Galloway and Jordan Geronimo on the floor. Mike Woodson might be looking to build some long-term chemistry with those three reserves.
  4. Speaking of Durr, Indiana’s most efficient lineup in the first half was an all-bench grouping of Rob Phinisee, Tamar Bates, Galloway, Geronimo, and Durr. That group went +4 in a 2:14 stretch before halftime.
  5. There might be something with Phinisee, Bates, Galloway, and Geronimo playing together with either Thompson or Durr. That combination is +10 in 5:30 through two games in non-garbage time.
  6. Woodson continues to pair Phinisee/Johnson in the backcourt. IU went +6 very early in the game to turn a two-point lead into eight. IU is now +10 in 12:50 with those two playing together this year.
  7. Jackson-Davis led Indiana in raw plus-minus at +34 in 26:03 (+1.31 per minute). Johnson led Indiana in plus-minus per minute at +25 in 18:44 (+1.33 per minute). With those two on the floor together, IU went +17 in 15:17.
  8. Among the 10 players who played at least nine minutes, Galloway was the player who helped IU’s offense reach its highest heights. IU’s offense scored 54 points in Galloway’s 22:49, or 2.37 points per minute (PPM). IU registered just 1.80 PPM with Galloway on the bench.
  9. IU’s defense was sharpest with Thompson on the court. The Hoosiers allowed just 10 points in Thompson’s 15:42, or .64 PPM. In the 24:18 when Thompson was on the bench, IU allowed 1.6 PPM.

Featured Photo: Indiana University Athletics

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