There was an unexpected change to the starting lineup on Wednesday night, with Anthony Leal entering and Parker Stewart coming off the bench. The Hoosiers had no issue overpowering another non-conference opponent, though, knocking off Northern Kentucky by 18. How did the starting lineup fare, and what other combinations made an impact against the Norse?


  1. IU’s new starting lineup recorded the highest raw +/- (+9) out of any of the 18 unique combinations used by Woodson on Wednesday. They did well to outscore NKU 8-5 to start the game, and the Hoosiers never looked back.
  2. This group had only played together once previously: at Wisconsin. They went +3 against the Badgers. It would make sense for Woodson to use this group more as IU gets into Big Ten play, even if it’s not as the starting lineup.
  3. Those of you with sharp eyes will notice that IU’s third-best lineup on the night in raw +/- (+4) was the same as the starting lineup, but with Michael Durr in for TJD.
  4. Once again, Indiana’s best player on the day, by +/-, was Xavier Johnson (+24).
  5. Johnson and Rob Phinisee helped IU prosper in their two-PG lineup once again. IU went +9 for the second straight game with Johnson and Phinisee on the court together.
  6. Phinisee and Durr were part of IU’s worst lineup, along with Stewart, Tamar Bates, and Jordan Geronimo. When Durr is in the game, Woodson would likely be better off playing Johnson or Khristian Lander instead of Phinisee. IU is -6 with Phinisee and Durr on the court this season, but +7 with Johnson and Durr. IU is a whopping +28 with Lander and Durr on the floor at the same time.
  7. IU’s offense was at its best with Johnson in the game. In his 28:09, IU scored 67 points, or 2.39 points per minute (PPM). In the 11:51 he sat, IU scored 12 points, or 1.01 PPM.
  8. IU’s defense was at its best with Bates on the floor. IU allowed just 19 points in his 15:29 at 1.22 PPM. In the 24:31 he sat, IU gave up 42 points, or 1.71 PPM.

Featured Photo: IU Athletics

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