The Indiana athletic department unveiled a brand-new ticket pricing system today for football games. The program comes as a result of complaints that last season’s ticket prices were too high. Athletic Director Fred Glass heard these critiques and “challenged” the ticket office to formulate a better way to price tickets. As a result, a new “tiered” pricing system has been implemented.

Here are the details of Indiana’s new tiered-pricing

• Student ticket prices will be locked at $15 per game, no matter the opponent.

• Youth ticket prices will be a locked at $10-$15 per game, no matter the opponent. Youth (18 or younger) tickets will not be available for purchase on StubHub or any other resale markets.

• For Adult tickets, prices will vary depending on the opponent. The better the opponent, the higher the ticket price. For example, games against non-conference opponents, like Eastern Illinois and UConn, will have the lowest prices of any game next season, starting at just $20. Rutgers, Northwestern, and most Big Ten games will be priced between $30-$70. However, the most anticipated games of the year will be the most expensive. Games against Ohio State and Michigan will cost between $50-$105.

• The young alumni ticket plan will also remain intact.

• Under this new system, the stadium’s seating will be divided into 6 sections or tiers (Tiers I-III, the candy stripe section, the student section, and premium) with each section having its own price range. The picture below illustrates how these tiers will be divided. Thus, one can expect that Adult tickets in the yellow tier III will cost less than Adult tickets in blue tier II.

• Finally, season-ticket holders will also receive benefits, although the specifics have not been released just yet. Although, the press release did note that it could be as much as a 50% price reduction off a single-game ticket. AD Glass ensured that it will still be a “better deal to buy season-tickets even in the most prime location,” noting that season-ticket holders would be “taken care of” because they are the “healthiest way” to support a football program.

Overall, this program essentially lowers prices for games against weaker opponents and keeps elevated prices for the most desirable games. With a lower price threshold for various games, the athletic department hopes to entice more fans to come to games and also rewards diehard fans with reduced prices. On the other side of the coin, prices will remain high for marquee matchups where there is a high demand for tickets. This tiered pricing system is very common in professional sports, most notably baseball.

This program is yet another example of the IU administration listening to fans and be more receptive to improving the game day experience. Other examples include recent announcements to begin selling beer and wine during football games, as well as adding player names back onto uniforms. It is clear that the athletic department is taking proactive steps to bring the football program to new heights.

Tickets will be available to purchase starting June 4 for the IU Varsity Club members and season-ticket holders. Single-game tickets will be available to the general public on June 11 at 8:00 a.m.

You can find the full 2019 Indiana football schedule here.

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