The Hoosiers took down another top ten opponent this Sunday afternoon, with a victory against No. 8 Iowa. Indiana has now swept the Hawkeyes and they have held down the number one offense in the nation to their lowest point totals of the season in both games. Here’s how the lineups shook up on Sunday afternoon.


  1. For the third straight game, Indiana’s best lineup had the following four players: Lander, Franklin, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis. Against Rutgers, the key 5th piece was Leal. Against Illinois, it was Galloway. Today, it was Leal once again.
  2. Indiana’s starting lineup of Phinisee, Durham, Franklin, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis struggled from the start. They finished -12 as a unit, easily the worst of the 15 five-man groupings for the Hoosiers. They played over nine minutes more than the second-most used lineup as well. To their credit, the starters were on the floor for the final score and stop to seal the victory.
  3. One key stretch in the game came in the final 1:36 before halftime, when IU went on a 9-0 run to take the lead at the break. Lander, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis were on the floor during that spurt. In the 4:59 that those three played together, IU went +10, outscoring Iowa 15-5.
  4. In Big Ten play, IU is +19 with Lander, Thompson, and Jackson-Davis on the court, outscoring opponents 54-35 in 26:02.
  5. The rarely-used group of Phinisee, Franklin, Durham, Geronimo, and Jackson-Davis played a big role late in the second half, turning a 53-48 Iowa lead into a 55-54 IU advantage. That group had played together just 6:07 all season before Sunday.
  6. Indiana’s offense was on fire when Khristian Lander was on the court. In his 15:10, IU scored 35 points, or 2.31 points per minute (PPM). In the 24:50 he sat, IU scored 32 points, or 1.29 PPM.
  7. Indiana’s defense was its stingiest with another freshman, Trey Galloway, on the floor. In his 11:22, IU gave up just 11 points, or 1.29 PPM. In the 28:38 he sat, IU gave up 54 points, or 1.89 PPM.

Photo: Indiana University Athletics

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