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As both Hoosier basketball programs are 10-1 going into the third week of December, there is a lot to talk about. The men’s program is coming off of a loss, followed by two questionable wins. Is this something fans should panic about, or wait to see how the team might respond? It’s hard not to think of losing 11 of 12 games last year and think the worst, but should fans be judging this current team compared to last year’s team? How should fans judge this team, who still have 10 wins in their first 11 games, with the one loss going to Wisconsin on the road? The guys discuss the most recent game against Nebraska and how it has compared to the last three games, and then compared to last year and if fans should panic or wait and see how they respond. What do you think? Then, news broke that Fred Glass is retiring and Kalen Deboer is expected to be named the next head coach at Fresno State.

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