Five-star Dawson Garcia discussed his recruiting with Tipton Edits this evening. Tipton Edits is a provider of recruiting graphics and has established relationships with key recruits through his graphics design services. You can see the news and notes from their interview as well as the full video below.

Dawson Garcia’s interview with Tipton Edits

Dawson Garcia’s comments about the overall recruiting process

  • He plans to make a decision by November 20.
  • They most enjoyable part of the recruiting process is continuing to learn and perfect his craft, getting advice and feedback from the coaches, and getting to build relationships with all of the great people.
  • The hardest part of the recruiting process will be to have the “hard conversations” with the coaches when the recruiting process is over, especially the ones that have a close relationship with him.
  • In terms of the his final decision, the three criteria most important to him are the relationships with the coaches, how each school is planning to use him in the system, and his role early on at each school.

Dawson Garcia’s comments about Marquette

  • For remaining visits, Garcia has one left, which begins this Friday at Marquette.
  • Garcia has felt comfortable with the Marquette staff. They have been recruiting him for a while and they know him very well. (Marquette’s staff has been recruiting Garcia the longest among his remaining schools.)
  • He hung out with the players and knew some of them because they played together in Minnesota high school basketball. Dawson talks to Justin Lewis (4-star Top 100 PF), and he is comfortable with him from their time at USA basketball together.
  • Garcia thinks that their fanbase is “cool” and it is notable that they play at the Milwaukee Bucks’ arena.

Dawson Garcia’s comments about Indiana

  • Garcia opens up the interview saying that the Indiana’s fan base is “for real” due to the amount of Indiana fans that were watching the Instagram live feed at the time.
  • Garcia visited the Indiana with current Indiana 2020 commits Trey Galloway and Anthony Leal. It was great to have both of those players there also for his visit, and Garcia has a “great relationship” with the current team.
  • Garcia is really close with Galloway from their time on the Adidas circuit. Despite playing on different teams, they had the opportunity to room together so they have known each other for a long time.
  • The visit to Indiana was “great” and he “felt at home, really.” The Indiana staff did a great job showing him around and he got to meet some of the coaches that he did not meet previously.
  • Some notable quotes regarding Indiana: “The basketball piece is crazy… Their fan base is definitely the best fan base that’s recruiting me right now. They’re unreal.”
  • He met with Tommy Ostrom today, he was asking Garcia about when he was planning to make his decision. Ostrom apparently visited Garcia in Minnesota. Garcia mentioned that Ostrom feels that Indiana feels great about where they are at. They want Archie in front of Garcia one more time before he makes the ultimate decision.

Dawson Garcia’s comments about Minnesota

  • The visit was good. He likes Minnesota because there’s something about staying home and playing for the home town.
  • They have been recruiting Garcia since his freshman year of high school.
  • He has a great relationship with all of the staff since he has taken a number of recruiting visits, largely because he lives just 20 minutes away from campus.
  • Regarding pressure to stay at home, Garcia says that he does feel a little pressure to stay home, but he asks if he goes elsewhere for others to respect his decision, but it would be cool to play for his hometown.

Dawson also discussed Memphis, North Carolina, Arizona, and Kansas in the interview below.

Featured Photo: Dawson Garcia / Instagram (@dawson2shifty)

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