Trey Galloway knew he wanted to be a Hoosier. And now he wants others to become Hoosiers as well. After his commitment on Friday, he revealed interesting comments about why he sought to become the first commit of Indiana’s 2020 recruiting class. Namely, Galloway desired to be a recruiter for Archie Miller and begin putting out his own marketing plan to help the Indiana basketball program land another few commitments.

“That’s what I wanted to do, to be the first one to kind of help them out and get some other good players in there along with me,” Trey Galloway said in an interview with Matt Randal of ABC57 in South Bend.

Literally just a day after his public commitment to the Hoosiers, Trey Galloway has already started talking about doing his part to help build the Indiana University basketball program.

“There are a lot of kids under the radar that I’ll try to recruit with me.”

Will the recruiting dominoes now fall for Indiana basketball?

Bloomington locals do not have to look far for Trey’s primary target. Bloomington High School South’s Anthony Leal recently listed his final two schools: Indiana and Stanford. Trey and Anthony have played on the same Indiana Elite 2020 team for a number of years.

“Me and Anthony Leal are pretty good friends. At the end of the day it’s his decision and it’ll be the right one for him. But we’ve talked since my commitment and obviously I’ve told him I want him there.”

The recruitment of Anthony Leal has had interesting twists, but right now he is deciding between to very opposite schools. One is less than a 15-minute drive, and the other is literally thousands of miles away.

According to the 247Sports Composite ranking, Anthony Leal is the number one player in the state of Indiana within the 2020 class. Trey Galloway is the next immediate trailer behind him. Should Indiana land both, the Hoosiers would be looking to set a new program record of three consecutive Indiana Mr. Basketball award winners.

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Outside of basketball, the two are very close. In fact, they recently spent the July 4th holiday weekend together. Wherever Leal, the son of two Indiana University employees, decides to go, one can be sure that he at least has heard what Trey has to say about the situation.

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An influential 2019 recruiting class

Indiana’s 2019 recruits Trayce Jackson-Davis and Armaan Franklin certaily influenced Trey Galloway to become a recruiter. Both players from the 2019 recruiting class have been outspoken on Twitter and other social media platforms. Despite not even playing a single game, all of three of these players have now become Indiana ambassadors.

“Trayce and Armaan — I’ve built really good relationships with them,” Galloway said in the interview. “I knew them before but they really picked up their recruiting once I picked up an offer. They started texting me a lot more and just tried to tell me how much they want me there. It was nice to see those guys care.”

Committing first gives Trey Galloway the same recruiting opportunity and platform that Armaan Franklin had. Analogously for the 2019 class, Armaan was the first to commit and become a heavy Indiana proponent as he helped convince Trayce Jackson-Davis to commit during the high school season.

2019’s Indiana Mr. Basketball has not been shy on social media, especially on the recruiting trail. Jackson-Davis has made it very clear on who he wants added to the Indiana roster as his future teammates.

For the full interview mentioned in this article, be sure to check out Trey Galloway’s first TV interview after his commitment at ABC57.

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